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At Fibersol®, we love nothing more than a challenge. Give us a formulation problem to solve, and we put our expertise to work to find the best solution.

Want less added sugars? Check. Nutrition with a cleaner label? Check. Looking to add satiety benefits? We can do that too. Bring your challenge and we will help you solve it.


Apple bites

Power Packed Apple Cinnamon Bites

See how our delicious apple cinnamon, yogurt-covered snack bites have all the answers: high-quality fiber and protein in an easy-to-eat format—with reduced sugar.

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Breakfast drink

Start-Your-Day-Right Breakfast Shake

See how Fibersol® delivers a nutritional breakfast shake with on-the-go portability and the added benefit of satiety to keep hunger at bay.

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Dried cherries

Better Than Ever Dried Cherries

Give kids and adults the soft and chewy fruit snacks they love, without hidden added sugars—and with a bonus boost of dietary fiber.

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Blueberry bev

Blueberry Acerola Superfruit Beverage

Find out how Fibersol® helps you give consumers a better start to their day—with no added sugars, only 25 calories, and 10g of prebiotic fiber.

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Better for you smoothie

Better-for-You Yogurt Smoothie

Find out how Fibersol® helps deliver a great-tasting reduced sugar yogurt smoothie, with 12% daily value fiber and >25% sugar reduction.

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No sugar

Frozen Dessert Without a Lick of Added Sugars

If you’re going to switch up an indulgent, fan-favorite vanilla frozen dessert, it better be good! We did just that—creating a zero added sugar, high fiber version that is just as creamy and dreamy as the classic.

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Chile bites

Savory Hatch Green Chile Clusters

Find out how we gave savory Hatch green chile clusters a satisfying crunch—and kept their wholesome ingredients intact. Fibersol®-2L dietary fiber keeps everything together, without adding extra calories, sugars or sweetness.

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Mint choc

Vegan Mint Chocolate Chunk Frozen Dessert

Consumers want treats they can feel better about eating. This delightfully delicious Vegan Mint Chocolate Chunk Frozen Dessert is powered with well-tolerated dietary fiber and plant protein nutrition, and it’s low in sugar.

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Birthday pea milk

Birthday Cake Pea Milk

This treat calls the name of all birthday cake lovers—and better yet—it features the positive nutrition benefits—like added fiber and protein—parents demand for their kid’s diet.

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