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fiber-rich sweet snacks

Well-tolerated Fibersol® makes it easier to create better-for-you snacks, sweet breakfast and energy bars, and more that consumers love to munch on. It is great for achieving nutrient declarations and mouthfeel and viscosity in products featuring reduced sugars, fats or oils—with minimal formulation and process adjustments.

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Better sweet snacks consumers will love

Provide health-conscious consumers the dietary fiber they need, without sacrificing the taste and texture they want. With the Fibersol® line of fiber ingredients, you can accomplish all that and more in a variety of sweet snack applications.

Consumers are looking for sweet snacks they can consume throughout the day. For them, it’s about finding solutions that act as a bridge between meals.

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Popular sweet snack applications include:

  • Breakfast cereals
  • Infused dried fruits
  • Nut clusters
  • Covered pretzels
  • Trail mixes
  • And more
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Application benefits

Along with simplifying fiber fortification in snack bars, muffins and more, Fibersol® helps build back the structural integrity in reduced sugar sweet snacks.

Fibersol® brings these beneficial attributes to sweet snack formulation:

  • Sugar Reduction
  • Texture/Crispness
  • Binding

Ideal fiber solutions for sweet snacks

Fibersol®-2L, a liquid version, is an ideal solution for sweet snacks of all types.

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Sweet snack highlight

Reducing added sugars while maintaining the desired taste and texture consumers love can be difficult, especially when sugar contributes to the level of moisture content. With Fibersol®, you get the assistance of our applications support team, sensory experts and ADM’s culinary facilities to help solve your unique challenges.

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