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The benefits of prebiotic fiber

Fibersol® is a prebiotic fiber

Not all fiber is equal! By definition, Fibersol® is a prebiotic fiber—utilized by host microorganisms that confer a health benefit. Fibersol® addresses consumers’ interest in both healthy digestion and holistic gut health.

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Fibersol® offers a wide range of solutions that aid in maintaining:

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Not all dietary fibers are prebiotic

Although most prebiotics are fiber, not all fiber is prebiotic. Only fiber that can be metabolized by beneficial gut microbes is prebiotic.

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Enable prebiotic claims, with Fibersol®

Prebiotic dietary fiber is becoming a sought-after ingredient, as consumers take proactive and holistic approaches to wellness. Add ‘contains prebiotic fiber’ to your label, when you add Fibersol® to your formulation.

A clinical study4 has shown that in products containing 3.75g of Fibersol® per serving,* Fibersol®:

May help nourish the intestinal flora and promote their growth to help maintain a healthy intestinal tract environment.**

Consumers are seeking prebiotic fiber

Prebiotic fiber has caught consumers’ attention as another way to support digestive, metabolic and immune health. There is increased demand for products that nourish intestinal flora, as consumers are increasingly interested in prebiotics and are acknowledging the importance of overall gut health.

With a wide variety of food, beverage and supplement applications lending themselves to the addition of prebiotics, consumers can find it easy to incorporate prebiotics into their diets.

Fibersol prebiotic dietary fiber

Dietary fiber that meets the definition of a prebiotic answers consumers’ desires for a holistic approach to digestive health valued for its support of the microbiome, associated with nourishing intestinal flora.

Fibersol® supports both digestion and growth of gut-friendly flora, and as a well-tolerated prebiotic fiber, —it invites consumers to come back for more.

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*For a total of 15g per day over 3 weeks.
**These statements are based on U.S. law. Customers are responsible for assuring that claims and labeling information on their finished products meet all applicable standards, laws and regulations where their products are sold.
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