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fiber-ful beverages

Fibersol® can improve nutrition and support successful sugar reduction in a wide variety of beverages with minimal formulation or process adjustments. It is an ideal drop-in solution for many beverages, where it can typically be challenging to deliver fiber.

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Making beverages better for consumers

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With Fibersol®, it’s easy to create fiber-enhanced beverages in a variety of popular segments, including:

  • Juices & fortified waters
  • Shakes & smoothies
  • Protein & nutritional
  • Yogurt & dairy-based
  • Coffee & tea
  • Sports & energy
  • Carbonated & alcoholic
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Application benefits

Fibersol® brings a host of benefits to a variety of beverage applications. It can support satiety claims and clinically proven functional benefits in your high protein/high fiber nutritional shakes.

Fibersol® brings these beneficial attributes to beverage formulations:

  • Fiber and Functional Nutrition
  • Sugar and Carb Reduction
  • Mouthfeel Enhancer and Flavor Rounder

Ideal fiber solutions for beverages

Fibersol®-2 (powder) and Fibersol®-2AG (agglomerated) are ideal solutions for beverages of all types.

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Beverage solution highlight

Adding soy protein to a satisfying breakfast shake can create a real challenge when it comes to taste and mouthfeel, since proteins often impart off-flavors or have a distinct aftertaste. Fibersol® makes it easy, tailoring the formulation support you need, including the assistance of our applications support team, sensory experts and ADM’s culinary facilities.

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